Save the Beagles! (The Journey)

When in doubt, choose faith


It’s not as simple as I would have believed to transition to a cruelty-free household.  There are just so many companies and so many products that conduct animal testing…. things you’d never think about….such as garbage bags and ink pens.  When I first resolved to stop supporting products tested on animals, then looked at the seemingly endless changes we would have to make, I quickly became overwhelmed.  I’m going to begin sharing my journey with some practical tips I learned:

  • Buyer-Beware…. Do your homework before you buy…. (I’ve messed this up a few times.)  There are some famous brands out there touted as ‘cruelty-free’ that are actually owned by larger non-cruelty free companies, such as Tom’s of Maine or Burt’s Bees, or Bare Minerals.  There are a couple different schools of thought on this.  Here is a quote from the popular beauty and fashion blog

“What about cruelty free…

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